Nintendo Gamecube Platinum

There are a lot of Nintendo Gaming consoles out there. I’ve had the privilege of playing some of them and I am happy that I did.

Nintendo consoles have a massive array of video games in various genres. From RPG games to side-scrolling platformers, Nintendo game consoles have them.

Today, I want to talk about a Nintendo gaming console of old that has a lot of impressive games in its lineup, the Nintendo Gamecube.

Since the early 2000s, the Nintendo Gamecube gave people a lot of entertainment and since the emergence of more powerful game consoles, the Nintendo Gamecube was strapped to the back seat.

If you are a game console collector, then you will be pleased with the news I am about to share. Nintendo has actually released a collector’s edition of the said game console and they’ve released the Nintendo Gamecube Platinum.

Before I talk about the Nintendo Gamecube Platinum, here are its features:

  • MPU (Microprocessor Unit): 485 MHz custom IBM PowerPC Gekko
  • Graphics Processor: 162 MHz custom ATI/Nintendo Flipper
  • Texture-Read Bandwidth: 10.4 GB per second (peak)
  • Main Memory Bandwidth: 2.6 GB per second (peak)
  • Pixel Depth: 24-bit color, 24-bit Z buffer
  • Sound Processor: 81 MHz custom Macronix 16-bit DSP
  • Sound Performance: 64 simultaneous channels, ADPCM encoding
  • Polygon Performance: 6 to 12 million polygons per second (peak)
  • System Memory: 40 MB
  • Main Memory: 24 MB MoSys 1T-SRAM
  • Disc Drive: 128 ms CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) system
  • Data Transfer Speed: 16 Mbps to 25 Mbps
  • Media: 3-inch, 1.5 GB capacity disc
  • Controller Ports: Four
  • Memory Card Slots: Two
  • Audio-Video Output: Analog and digital
  • Dimensions: 4.3 by 5.9 by 6.3 inches (height by width by depth)

Just a bit of a history lesson here: the Nintendo Gamecube is actually the very first Nintendo game console that makes use of a disc rather than a gaming cartridge.

That is because at the time, CDs were very prominent and it is one of the best storage mediums available on the market.

The Nintendo Gamecube Platinum, although plays Nintendo Gamecube CDs, do not play other forms of media like music and DVDs. That is because Nintendo focused more on the gaming aspect of the system rather than anything else.

During its launch, the Nintendo Gamecube was actually one of the best game consoles in the business. It’s got a fast microprocessor unit that doubles the processing power than old Nintendo game cartridges.

Another thing that made the Nintendo Gamecube amazing was its games. The game console was home to a lot of great games such as Star Fox Assault, Mario Party 5, Pikmin, Fire Emblem, and many more.

If you are a serious game console collector, I highly suggest that you get the Nintendo Gamecube Platinum. It currently costs $450 and you can also order Nintendo Gamecube games as well.

With its amazing gaming lineup, its premium Platinum look and feel, and just the dose of nostalgia, the Nintendo Gamecube Platinum collector’s edition is one that you should be getting if you want to have a taste of some retro gaming.

SmoothTalker BMU50MSPH Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Mobile phone signal boosters that can be installed in vehicles have come a long way. The earlier car signal boosters were cradle-type boosters in which you have to put your mobile phone inside the cradle before your mobile phone can enjoy improved signals.

Although this isn’t really a problem since most car owners have Bluetooth headsets with them, it is a problem for people who are looking to use their phones with freedom (as opposed to having their phones on some sort of a cradle).

Thankfully, most modern car signal boosters do not have cradle-type designs anymore. Instead, they can now boost and rebroadcast signals wirelessly, just like the signal boosters found in home and offices.

So in today’s article, we are going to talk about the SmoothTalker BMU50MSPH Mobile Phone Signal Booster.

This signal booster can boost up to 4G LTE signals and should work with all of the popular American mobile phone networks.

SmoothTalker is a mobile phone signal booster manufacturer that has been in the business for many years. Through those years, they’ve perfected their own signal boosters and they have now put some amazing technologies in them.

The first technology that is put inside the SmoothTalker BMU50MSPH Mobile Phone Signal Booster is the Stealth technology. This is by far the best feature this signal booster has.

This feature allows you to just set up the mobile phone signal booster (like physically install it) and you basically forget about it. That is because the Stealth Technology automatically adjusts the signal booster’s gain controls so that it can work using optimal parameters. This eliminates the need to tinker with the signal booster’s settings, which by the way, is a troublesome process as you have to constantly look at the instruction manual to do so.

Another thing I love about the SmoothTalker BMU50MSPH Mobile Phone Signal Booster is the network overload protection. What this feature does is that it protects the signal booster from too many signals all at once. This can happen when you’re in the range of many different cell towers which might affect the performance of some mobile phone signal boosters (of course, not this one).

Now that I’ve highlighted some awesome features of the SmoothTalker BMU50MSPH Mobile Phone Signal Booster, let’s now move ahead to the installation process:

  1. Mount the external antenna on the roof of your car.
  2. Route the external antenna cable inside your car and then plug it in the base signal amplifier.
  3. Plug the DC power supply in your car’s cigarette port and then plug it in the amplifier unit.
  4. Power on the device and wait for it to fully initialize (usually 3-5 minutes). And you’re good to go!

The installation process is quite easy and everyone can do it. No more hard mounting procedures since the external antenna comes with a handy magnetic mount.

And, let’s not forget that this mobile phone signal booster comes with a 50dB gain signal amplifier, which is by far one of the most powerful signal amplifiers that can be installed in cars and other vehicles.

The SmoothTalker BMU50MSPH Mobile Phone Signal Booster costs only $350. With amazing technologies and an unbeatable price, the BMU50MSPH is a good signal booster.

Mario Kart 8 Game for the Nintendo Wii U

The iconic Super Mario spawned a lot of games for the Nintendo gaming platform. All of the Mario games I’ve come across are always fun, but there is a specific Mario game that has spawned many sequels, and that is none other than the Mario Kart series.

In today’s article we are going to talk about the Mario Kart 8 Game for the Nintendo Wii U. This is the 8th major installment of the game and it features new mechanics such as the anti-gravity sections where your karts can stick to walls or drive to ceilings. It also features a multitude of single or multiplayer game modes for you and your friends and family to enjoy.

The Mario Kart 8 Game for the Nintendo Wii U does not deviate from the standard gameplay that it had already established. Instead, they’ve added new elements such as the anti-gravity mechanic mentioned earlier and new and improved boxes with hidden items inside them.

There are also various customizations in the game to help your character beat other competitors in the game. These customizations can either be hang gliders, spin boosts, just to name a few.

With the 8th installment comes new characters such as Baby Rosalina, the Koopalings, and Pink Gold Peach.

Of course, the Mario Kart 8 Game for the Nintendo Wii U is focused on racing as well as hindering your opponent’s movements throughout the race track. There are also new items to help you with that task such as the Boomerang flower which can be thrown to prevent players from advancing; the Piranha Plant which can be deployed and it will attack the nearest enemy player that comes in-range; the Super Horn which can be utilized to attack players as well as give an immunity against certain items, and lastly, the Crazy Eight, which gives you eight random items!

What makes this game great is that you can play with your friends and family and the game can support up to 12 players at a time. Although, the Nintendo Wii U console can only support 4 players at a time, the other 8 players can join your team globally via the Nintendo Network.

If you want to race against ghost players, you can download ghost player data from top players. Ghost player data can be downloaded anywhere on the internet (but I suggest you look in the forums to be safe).

When pitting against international players, you will get new exclusive achievements. In fact, there are a lot of achievements in this game that will make you happy with the game for a long time.

The Mario Kart 8 Game for the Nintendo Wii U has been highly praised by fans of the Mario universe. This game was given an 88/100 Metacritic rating, which is pretty high in today’s gaming standards.

Furthermore, you can play this game solo, or with people worldwide! With a lot of karts and new items and achievements, there is plenty of fun in this game!

If you have a Nintendo Wii U, then you must try the Mario Kart 8.

JCG JYRN490S/Q5 300Mbps Wireless Router

If you look at people who buy routers these days, they would always buy routers from trusted and reputable manufacturers. The likes of TP-Link, Linksys and Netgear are just some of the more prominent router manufacturers on the market today.

But, there are also lesser known manufacturers that also create very good routers, without that hefty price tag. So today, we’re going to take a look at the JCG JYRN490S/Q5 300Mbps Wireless Router.

The JCG JYRN490S/Q5 300Mbps Wireless Router uses the 802.11n Wifi technology and it is also backwards compatible, so legacy devices that are still using the older wifi technologies can still enjoy internet access using this wireless router.

Here is the complete list of features for the JCG JYRN490S/Q5 300Mbps Wireless Router:

  • Wireless data rates: 300Mbps
  • Frequency band : 2.4GHz
  • Antenna: 3x 5dBi external omnidirectional antennas
  • Network interface: 1* 10/100Mbps WAN; 4* 10/100Mbps LANs
  • Transmission distance: Indoor: 100m Outdoor: 300m (different circumstances may vary)
  • Wireless Standards: IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b
  • Wired Standards: IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3ab
  • Reception Sensitivity: 11n: [email protected]% PER; 11g: [email protected]% PER; 11b: [email protected]% PER
  • Transmit Power: 17dBm
  • Firewall Function: Built-in Firewall
  • Certification: CE, FCC, 3C
  • Power Adapter: DC 5V/1A
  • Wireless Security: 64/128bit WEP, WPA/WPA2 Encryption, WPS Button
  • Supports Intelligent QOS, Universal Repeater, Easy and Quick Installation
  • The tech of QoS can ensure the best use of bandwidth by controlling congestion and preventing bandwidth abuse.

Who would’ve thought that this router has an impressive feature set? One standout feature of the router is its 3 external antennas. These antennas are omni-directional, which means that it transmits signals even further and it also has 5dBi gain.

Furthermore, there are 4 Ethernet LAN ports and one WAN port for the internet connection.

It also comes with additional features such as Built-in firewall protection, Intelligent QoS which makes sure that there is no bandwidth abuse. A lot of people download stuff over the internet, leaving other people in the home or office suffering from low speeds.

The JCG GYRN490S wireless router has a smarter QoS technology that makes sure that there will be no bandwidth-hogging software can penetrate to the system. These features are all configurable thanks to its very easy to use interface.

The JCG GYRN490S looks very promise, but how do people see this wireless router? Let’s find out.

Johan: “I was on the lookout for a great router that does the job really well, without the heavy price tag. Although the manufacturer of this router is not well-known, it has a lot of features that premium routers have. The 3 external antennas really made a huge difference because it was able to transmit WiFi signals anywhere in my home.”

Austin: “I used to have a Linksys router, but it died on me. I still do not have that much money, so I was looking for a budget router for the time being. Little did I know that I found a diamond in the ruff in the form of this wireless router. It was very impressive because of the external antennas. Couple that with a built-in intelligent QoS system, and this router is golden. I am still amazed that this is priced as it is, because it really is a steal!”

The JCG JYRN490S Wireless router may not be well-known, but a lot of people who have bought this router are very happy with it. And, not only does it have really great features, but the price is really good as well! This wireless router only costs $14!

Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is the third-installment to the popular Call of Duty Franchise. This game is created by Treyarch Studios and published by Activision.

The story of Black Ops 3 is set 40 years after the events of Black ops 2. It is already a war-torn world filled with technology that is set out to destroy humanity. You, as the player, go in with your partner, Jacob Hendricks, to Ethiopia to rescue some hostages.

You come across John Taylor, a commander of an elite group of soldiers with technological enhancements. You then proceed with the mission, ended up rescuing the hostages, but in turn, you got to be sacrificed. A robot then, slowly dismembers your limbs: First, both of your hands, and then the right leg. black-opsYou are then saved just in time by Commander Taylor.

Taylor, wanting to save your life, brought you to a laboratory who’s known to enhance soldiers by implanting them with cybernetic limbs. And the rest unfolds from there.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is quite different from the other two installments. First, instead of following and finishing missions in a linear fashion, you can choose whichever mission you want to start from. You can even choose the final mission as your starting point!

This all seems to be a logical thing to do because the player is already surgically dead, and all those missions after the rescue of Ethiopian hostages are just figments of the player’s imagination.

The story reminds us all that technology can be a bad thing. Robots can take over the world, and what’s worse, these robots are far more superior in terms of physical strength. What we created for something that should’ve helped us, can be used to turn against us.

Black Ops 3 is also the first Call of Duty game set in the distant future. The year is 2065, 40 years after Raul Menendez did an airstrike. Raul Menendez is the main villain in Black Ops 2, and he is mentioned in some parts of Black Ops 3.

Aside from the plot, players will surely love the new technology being showcased in the game. You now have two sets of technological advancements at your disposal: the Cyber Core and the Cyber Rigs abilities. The former lets you hack and control enemy robots and the latter give you defensive abilities.

Lastly, people would be happy to know that Treyarch is also releasing a zombie mode. They want to release this because this will set their identity as a gaming company. A lot of people have been talking about the zombie apocalypse for many, many years, and thus, we are fond of killing zombies.

Treyarch gives that power by giving us the Zombies mode, where you fight hordes of zombies using the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 weapons and technologies. It is really a fun treat!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is now available for the Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and PC platforms.

R4i SDHC cards

Have you ever purchased something, only to see a couple of paragraphs listed under the heading “Terms of Service?” These terms exist to state what you can and cannot do with the product. For example the Terms of Service for the Iphone stated that you could not jail break it. Despite this being explicitly stated, people did it anyway, using their own cell carriers instead of the ones forced by the company.

R4 Cards for the Nintendo DS are the same way. Including the r4 3ds, r4i sdhc and r4 ds card models, the R4 card poses and interesting question regarding the morality of use. As many of these cards can change the basic firmware of the Nintendo DS, they are breaking the Terms of Use put down by Nintendo. In effect, every time you change anything about the DS in a way that is not done by the options provided through the pre-existing system, you are breaking the law. Despite this, people are doing it all the time.

So, is this right? Is this moral? Lets take a quick look.

The Case for It Being Morally Ok

Laws exist to create order in a society of individuals. Laws stop us from causing harm to one another and ourselves. Intellectual property right safeguards things we create from others. Sometimes, it can effect laws. When it comes to morality and law, the question arises, “are all laws moral?” What about laws created by people looking to play the system for personal gain? What about laws created by corrupt people to hurt others? Are they also moral?

Lets assume that not all laws are moral. So then, what makes a moral law? Lets assume that laws are moral when they are fair, and stop people from hurting each other or themselves. In the case of going beyond the terms of service for a Nintendo DS using either a r4 3ds, r4i sdhc or r4 ds card, the question becomes whether or not the terms of service do these things. Do they stop us from hurting one another? No. Are they fair? This one depends on who you are in the argument.

The end result is that in the grand scheme of things, using R4 cards is not immoral. Because users are not hurting other people and instead are playing around with a device they have purchased, it is within their right to do what they want with it, including using R4 cards.